Photo Archive

Joseph and Felix

Joseph enjoys taking pictures. There's usually a camera nearby and we have recorded various events as well as everyday life in our household. Here is the archive of pictures taken over the years. These are unedited photographs; some are out of focus; some are just accidental shots. It is a record of our lives here for us to remember and enjoy with friends.

Hong Kong
Sichuan 1999

Kenya Safari 2000

Seaton Home

Holidays 2002
Knoxville 2002
Kitchen Remodel
Celebrations 2003
Snowstorm 2003
National Arboretum
Mom's DC Visit 2003

Las Vegas 2003

Knoxville 2003
Houston/San Antonio 2003

Toronto 2004

Mimi and Baobao

Potomac Cruise 2004

New York City 2004

Created 8/20/2004

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